Br-Gogo Files

- Bootloader: SVN and TAR;
- Firmware: SVN and TAR;
- Schematic and layout of the board: SVN and TAR.

This is the official homepage, and this is the html version of the file repository.

When downloading the files, called "bootloader.hex" should be recorded in the PIC through a recorder and called "gogo40.hex" should be recorded by Gogo card using the Firmware Downloader software.

To view the schematic and layout of the board, you will need the software Eagle.

For calibration and programming, you need the software Monitor and Blocks:

- Monitor: SVN and TAR;
- Blocks: SVN and TAR.

The official guide to use the card can be obtained here, and the report of the Scientific Initiation.

This is the official forum of the project.